Assessment Centre exercises are business simulations which are based on 'day in the life' business problems and allow trained Assessors to assess leadership behaviours in action. Observing individuals evaluating business critical problems, taking decisions and communicating the way forward, provides us with an excellent opportunity to assess an individual’s compatibility for a specific role or to determine their general leadership potential.

These exercises enable the candidate to demonstrate various skills, behaviours and attitudes to achieve an optimum outcome to the task at hand. As with real life, business simulation exercises are designed for multiple settings; working independently, working one-to-one and working within a group. The exercises are chosen on the basis of their relevance to the assessment criteria; level of seniority, work context and job-critical competencies. Our library holds over 250 different exercises including:

  • Assigned/Non-assigned Group Discussions
  • Group Activities
  • Internal/External Role Plays
  • Structured Interviews
  • Analysis Exercises/Case Studies culminating in a Report and /or Presentation
  • In-Basket Exercise
  • Fact Find Exercise

Exercises are available to Certified Assessors who have been trained to observe and record candidate behaviour, classify and rate performance. We source from two of the international leaders in test publishing; A&DC and Global Leader. We can guide you to choose the combination of exercises that is most suitable for your needs and train you to run your own Centres. Equally, we can manage the entire Assessment/Development Centre on your behalf.

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