The cost of selecting the wrong person albeit for recruitment or selection for promotion or succession planning, can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars; not to mention the potential impact to morale and productivity. We work with a number of world class organisations to assess key hires as part of the recruitment and selection process.

When we are asked to assess on behalf of our clients we take a holistic approach. We seek demonstration of key leadership behaviours, capabilities i.e. critical thinking skills, learning agility, problem solving capacity, as well as values and environment fit to the organisation.

We design our approach in line with our clients and the critical success factors of the role and organisation. On one end of the continuum we are able to gain valuable insights through the use of world-class personality and ability psychometrics combined with a Structured Interview. To support these findings we can also include a work sample or conduct a full Assessment Centre with observable assessment centre exercises (business simulation exercises). Most importantly, our clients can be sure that we will provide clear recommendations for selection and or development supported by action plans for the way forward.


We have Arabic and English Assessment tools and materials for all kinds of Assessment requirements. Please reach out to our team for more info today! 00971 4 390 2778

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