A Development Centre is intended to support leadership and talent development. We typically run Centres over 1 or 2 days, and they comprise of a series of business simulations (for example; Analysis Exercise, Presentation, Role Play, Group Discussion, Structured Interview, In-Tray or Fact Find ), and personality and ability psychometrics. We are also able to add to this workplace assessments such as a 360 survey or line manager feedback.

The emphasis of a Centre is to promote greater self-awareness around areas of strengths as well as areas for development. This is achieved on the day through a self-reflection exercise, and after the event, through a coaching-style Individual Feedback Session. In this session the observer or ‘Assessor’ will provide evidence of what was said and done throughout the exercises, and will encourage the individual to consider the impact of the choices they made and how their performance could have been improved. Participants will be expected to ‘own’ the development requirements as part of their continuous Professional Development and will be encouraged to form Individual Development Plans to capitalise on the insights gained.

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