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Cultural Intelligence- The Art of Understanding Emotions

Topic: Cultural Intelligence- The Art of Understanding Emotions

Time and Date: Sunday 10th June 2018 from 10:00 - 11:15 GST 

Join our live webinar to understand how your capability to relate and work effectively across cultures may impact your success as a professional, leader and organisation. The webinar explores how we can use assessments to identify the level of cultural intelligence within our organisations and enhance our competitive advantage by celebrating our diversity.

 Learning Points : 

  • Insights on the key mistakes that we make when attempting to understand other cultures.
  • The business case for enhancing our cultural intelligence as organisations.
  • Identify the right assessment tools to answer critical culture-related questions.


Marais Bester is a Senior Chartered Occupational Psychologist with a passion for talent management. With many years of international experience, Marais has developed a excellent track record of working with Middle Eastern clients from a range of industries in the fields of talent assessment and talent optimisation. Marais has just completed his PhD focusing on career psychology where he explored the different psychological resources and psychological drivers that typically contribute to career success, career satisfaction and career wellbeing.


                                                                                      WATCH HERE

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