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Achieving Peak Performance in Challenging Times

Achieving Peak Performance in Challenging Times 


In these challenging economic times many staff feel under pressure whether it be because of more demanding targets, their own job maybe under threat or generally being asked to do more with less.


Mental toughness is the quality, which determines in some part how people deal with these challenges, stressors, and the ever increasing demands of organisational life in challenging and turbulent times!.

If you can get your staff to continue to perform even when under severe pressure then it could put you ahead of your competitors.

This webinar is intended to create an understanding of what stressors are and how people and groups can best deal with them.

We will explore:

  • What causes one person to succumb and another to thrive in the same circumstances?
  • Can we identify people’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas?
  • Can we develop individuals to enable them to handle stressors like change, pressure and challenge more effectively?
  • How can we support individuals better with their specific needs?


Simon Boag is a Senior Occupational Psychologist and Certified Executive Coach with a passion for Leadership Development. With close to 20 years consultancy experience at an international level he has built an excellent track record of working with diverse client groups using a strong client-focused approach in talent assessment and leadership development.


Thursday, 30th August 2018  10:30am - 11:15am GST



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